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Our clothing such as our shirts, crewneck sweatshirts, and hoodies are printed and shipped from Nevada, US!

Our beanies, mousepads, and phone cases are manufactured and shipped from China.

Our products follow standard US sizing and fit true to size unless otherwise stated in the product description for the particular product.

Concerning our products manufactured in the US, orders typically take 3-7 days to be printed and an additional 2-6 business days for shipping to the contiguous United States. Many orders are delivered in 1 week!

Concerning our products coming from Asia: due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many shipments are seeing delays. Although many orders are still delivered in/under 2-3 week delivery range, we are seeing some orders being delivered after 4 weeks+. There are two specific cases in which the majority of delays are being seen:

1. Your shipment is having an issue finding a flight. There are a reduced amount of international and domestic flights, yet an influx of shipments being made due to more people shopping online to avoid leaving their homes.

2. Your shipment has departed for your country, but there has not been an update for quite some time. This is due to customs being overburdened from the pandemic, causing delays in processing shipments. 

Please note that we are still shipping your items out as usual and on time, but uncontrollable delays are occurring due to the unfortunate global circumstances. We appreciate your continued patience and understanding as well as your support. Stay safe!

We know that expedient shipping is a priority, but we ask that you please be patient. Most orders are fulfilled within 2-5 business days and delivered within 2-3 weeks depending on your country. Some shipments come under 2 weeks, and some shipments take longer than 3 weeks. Shipping times can be variable and are all dependent on the speed of the shipping carriers and customs. If you have any questions about your order, please contact us at

Yes, we proudly offer shipping worldwide. However, please note that shipping to certain countries may take longer due to customs and longer travel times. Please email us at if you have any questions.

Navigate to the Track My Order page located in the main menu. Enter the required information to receive tracking information.

Please be aware that tracking labels are created when the orders are fulfilled, so it may take an additional 5-10 days for the tracking information to populate. If there is still no information after 7 business days, feel free to contact us through email at

Please do not worry, your items may have been shipped in different batches from different warehouses and will all be delivered. This happens often if your order contained several popular items. 

Unfortunately, Ikuzo Concept has no part in the shipping process once packages are delivered to their carriers. From then on, we relinquish all responbility for the packages and they are in the hands of the shipping carrier to be taken to your doorstep.

We recommend that you get it contact with the shipping carrier/local post to file a claim and inquire about your package. It is possible that they delivered it to the wrong house, you entered your address incorrectly, etc.

If none of these are the case, it is possible that your shipment was lost/stolen. Ikuzo Concept does not take responsibility for these situations as they occur whilst the shipping carriers have your packages and are we are thusly responsible.

Please refer to the Contact Us page.

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